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Single Knitting Machine Serial

Single Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine

Single Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine is a large circular knitting machine,invented by Biaoda Machinery C0.,Ltd who has compounded the machine manufacture technology and knitting experiences of many years and the advanced techniques of international Discretionary Knitting Organization WAC.
The machine adopts the computerized actuators to selecf needles on the needle cylinder,which can weave jacquard for various designs.The computerized actuators will make three positions’needle-selecting of KNlT,TUCK,MlSS.Any design of wave with complicated structure can be switched to the special control instructions by the computerized fleuron preparatory system.These instructions control the computerized actuators on the machine,which makes single big jacquard fabrics.
Features of the Machine:
1.The design of the control system applies the most advanced micro processing technique,cornbIning electronic calculation processing system and the computerized actuator in the machiRe It uses the finger-touching liquid crystal display(LCD),and it is easily handled without occupying much room,which makes the whole machine tidy and beautiful.
2.No draft needs special drawing software.Almost allthe drawing software package in the market nowadays can be used universally.Any cloth face or design can be input to the computer by scanning and programming. After undergoing a process of color tidying and draft mending,it’ll be switched into needle selecting program through WAC/DESlGNER software EXPANSION,then saved in the usb disk.and then sent to the machine to run. You can change the floraI patterns in just a few minutes.The fleuron data can be also stored in the hardware or software disk of the computer
3.Three positions of computerized needle-selecting techniques(KNIT,TUCK,MISS)can weave jacquard of any designs.The function overcomes the knitting limits of the common Jacquard and save the time of pattern changing.
There are 2-position jacquard and 3-position jacquard of this type of machine for customer to choose.

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