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Double Knitting Machine Serial

BD series Supreme Double Circular Knitting Machines


●High Speed Rib Knitting Machine
●High Speed Interlock Knitting Machine
●Computerized Electronic Jacquard Double Knitting Machine
●High Speed Transfer Rib Knitting Machine

1.BD series Supreme Double Circular Knitting Machine have the same feature as BS Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine.Top and bottom gears adopt oil-soaking so as to reduce abrasion and noise,then improve their precision and life.
2.Adopting new designed frame of the machine,dial cam box base and sleeve have simultaneous diplacement so that it becomes exacter and simpler to adjust the needle tolerance and clearance between top and bottom.
3.Multifunctional machine,equipted with cams of 2 tracks in dial and 4 tracks in cylinder.Just by changing the professional arrangement of cams,it would change the double structure and meet the changing market.


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